EAA Chapter 563

For Sale

The items listed here are for sale by members of the Chapter. Unless otherwise noted, please contact the owner for more information.

Sundry Parts

These are available from the chapter. Contact Greg LePine (309)264-5959. (listed 7/30/2021)

  6x6 Cessna wheels with axles and brakes, $100

  two Lycoming starters, $75 each
  two starter noses, $25 each

  12 VDC generator, $50

  Continental starter, $75
  BD-5 5x4 wheels, tires, 3/4" axle, nose gear and strut, $50
  2 sets of Cessna 182 wheels 6x6 with axles and brakes, $100 each
parts for sale

Battery Charger

battery charger for sale

A Schauer 25 amp charger for 12 volt lead/acid batteries with it's 3 pin adapter plug is $326 new but is available used from Greg LePine (309)264-5959 for $160. (listed 6/30/2021)

CH-300 project

This airplane is about 90% complete and was on its gear but is now disassembled and in storage. It includes an O-320 with prop and spinner, avionics, panel gauges, and plans, instructions, and updates. $10,000. Contact Vic Decroix at (309)383-4293 for more information. (still available 7/8/2021)