EAA Chapter 563

For Sale

The items listed here are for sale by members of the Chapter. Unless otherwise noted, please contact the owner for more information.

Leftover Project Parts

Greg LePine has dozens of parts left after completing his F4U project. The items with their prices are given separately, along with his contact information. (listed 8/04/2022)

Sundry Parts

These are available from the chapter. Contact Greg LePine (309)264-5959. (listed 7/30/2021)

  Evinrude 5 hp outboard motor

  Wisconsin gasoline powered AC welder

  6x6 Cessna wheels with axles and brakes, $100

  two starter noses, $25 each

  12 VDC generator, $50

  Continental starter, $75
  2 sets of Cessna 182 wheels 6x6 with axles and brakes, $100 each
parts for sale