EAA Chapter 563

Member Projects

Over the years, many types of airplanes have been completed by current and past members of the Chapter.

Current Projects

Chapter project for teenagers: Zenith Cruzer

Rich Gilbert: Sonex Onex, repowering

J.J. and Ethan Hoevelmann: Pietenpol Air Camper

Karl and Kip Kleimenhagen: Rans S-20

Josh Mattson: Pazmany PL-4, under restoration

Rob Meyer: Zenith CH-750 Super Duty

Andy Plouse: Van's RV-8

John Tillotson: Van's RV-8

Completed Projects

These aircraft have been completed by Chapter members and are being flown by them or have since been sold to make way for yet another project:

Morrie Caudill: Onex, flying, 3MY

Bill Engle: BD-5, donated to local museum

Dave Fox: Kitfox 2, sold

Ken Gresham: Europa XS, flying

Steve Jones: RV-14A, flying

Bill Larson: Sonex, flying, 3MY

Greg LePine: 60% scale Vought F4U Corsair, sold

Barry Logan: RV-7A, flying, C75

Jeff and Rob Meyer: Onex, flying

Terry Moushon: RV-10, flying

Jerry Pilon: Kitfox Classic IV, flying, sold

Dave Skinner: biplane

Ron Vice: Pulsair, sold

Don Wolcott: Waiex, flying, CTK

Ron Wright: Nesmith Cougar, Sonerai II, Hi-Max, UL14, UL15, Smith Termite, J3 Kitten, etc. — all were acquired incomplete or in need of work and were finished and sold

Purchased Experimentals

Some members have purchased experimental airplanes already completed by other individuals:

Rich Gilbert: Glasair TD, sold