EAA Chapter 563
Zenith Cruzer
s/n 11547
Build Log
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2.5 hr: Paxson, Killian - Fashion clips to hold down the conduit for the trim tab wiring. - Finish fiddling with top sheet fit. Reamer A5 holes up to correct size. - Continue building up the baggage bay—lots of little parts. 209 hr cummulative


1.5 hr: Matthew 2 hr: Will, Paxson, Nolan 3.5 h4: Killian - Finish preparing steel parts for the powder coater. - Continue fitting parts for the baggage bay. Find the controls may be difficult to insert once the bay is riveted in. 204 hr cummulative


1 hr: Matthew, Luke, Will 2 hr: Paxson 4 hr: Killian - Fit h. tail brackets, which were incorrectly drilled at the factory. - Fit and deburr upper and lower baggage bay sheets, angles, and posts. - Fuselage top sheet left is too wide; begin to file/sand and fit. - Study plans trying to figure out how the above fit together. 193 hr cummulative


1.5 hr: Killian, Paxson, Matthew, Will - Resume work on elevator internals. - Figure out how to run elevator trim wiring bundle down the fuselage. - Assemble baggage bay back sheet. Will need to up drill some rivet holes to compensate for overly deburred skins. (Included debate as to whether this is necessary.) - Discuss with the teens engine options. 184 hr cummulative


2 hr: Paxson, Nolan, Matthew, Luke 4 hr: Killian - Cleco top skin of tail cone in place. Prepare baggage back and stiffeners. - Begin to break the corners of steel parts ahead of drop off at powder coater. 178 hr cummulative


2.5 hr: Killian, Luke, Nolan, Isaac - Deburr top skin and stiffeners; cleco. One stiffener/bracket was not fully drilled, and Rob will demonstrate the fix next week. - Cleco aft bulkheads to bottom skin. Cleco side skin assemblies to bottom skin. - Prepare rear spar carry-though and cleco. 166 hr cummulative


2.5 hr: Paxson 4.5 hr: Isaac 5 hr: Killian - Clean, deburr, and cleco both left and right sides of aft fuselage. Pull top side from storage and begin deburring. 156 hr cummulative


2 hr: Luke, Will 5 hr: Paxson - rivet belly together - collect parts for right side 144 hr cummulative


5 hr: Paxson, Isaac - cleco entire fuselage bottom, disassemble, deburr, clean, cleco, begin riveting 135 hr cummulative


1 hr: Bryce 3 hr: Will 4 hr: Paxson, Isaac, Nolan 5 hr: Killian - Lecture on deburring: Close inspection of elevator skin reveals we must double the number of rivets to compensate for the awful job of deburring. - Fit internal members of the elevator. - Finish map box; store in the attic. - Collect fuselage bottom skin parts from the attic and begin layout. Deburr bottom skin (huge burrs). Begin to cleco up on picnic tables (main build table is occupied with the delayed elevator assembly). 125 hr cummulative

Fr 7/15/22

2 hr: Mae, Carter 3 hr: Isaac, Nolan, 4 hr: Killian - Attach and drill elevator to stabilizer; deburr (not the best). Fit plastic tips to stabilizer. - Cleco, drill, and deburr instrument panel's map box: Ready to rivet once panel is available for test fit. 104 hr cummulative

Fr 07/08/22

2 hr: Afzal 3 hr: Will 4 hr: Carter 5 hr: Isaac, Nolan - Finish stabilizer skelton riveting. Rivet down second side of stabilizer skin. Drill elevator hinge into stabilizer. - Collect parts, deburr, assemble fin. 90 hr cummulative

Sa 07/02/22

1 hr (net): Paxson, Killian, Matthew, Luke, Afzal - It was decided the poor deburring was not a safety hazard (although it may affect longevity); proceeded with A4 rivets. - Rivet on half the skin of the stabilizer and prepare the front spar angle brackets. 71 hr cummulative

Fr 07/01/22

3 hr: Isaac, Nolan, Carter 4 hr: Paxson, Will 2 hr: Bryce - rivet up the stabilizer skeleton - deburr and cleco the elevator - deburr stabilizer skin; too deep in places, but factory authorized drilling up to A5 66 hr cummulative

Fr 06/24/22

3 hr: Bryce, Isaac - stabilizer: finish deburring, begin to rivet skeleton together 47 hr cummulative

Sa 06/18/22

2 hr: Will 3 hr: Matthew, Paxson, Luke - deburr horizontal stabilizer, cleco up 41 hr cummulative

Fr 06/17/22

3 hr: Nolan, Isaac - rudder completed! 30 hr cummulative

Fr 06/10/22

3 hr: Nolan, Isaac - rudder tip problems, deburring skeleton 24 hr cummulative

Tu 05/24/22

3 hr: Mae, Carter, Nolan, Isaac, Bryce - Nolan, Isaac, and Carter on the rudder skin; ran into trouble drilling the holes in the plastic top rib, drilled to A5 - Bryce and Mae on inventory (0 hr building) 18 hr cummulative

Sa 05/21/22

2 hr: Killian, Matthew, Afzal, Paxson - assemble shelving; begin inventory of Cruzer fuselage and finishing kits (0 hr building) 9 hr cummulative

Tu 04/19/22

3 hr: Carter, Nolan, Isaac - rudder skeleton finished 9 hr cummulative