EAA Chapter 563 News

May 2020


This month's newsletter is brief, for due to the pandemic, most chapter activites have been canceled.

PIA ATC is trying to raise funds for the people working to contain the pandemic, and Brady Seei—who's given presentations to our chapter in recent years—sent this along:

I hope all is well with you and your family.

We are starting a shirt fundraiser to provide meals to local healthcare workers on the front line of COVID and to a charity. Here is the link to the fundraiser.

I appreciate all your help and look forward to talking to you on frequency soon.

Youth Programs

National has sent us the first $4,000 from Eliza's 2020 Ray Scholarship funds.

Do you know a young person interested in learning to fly but could use financial assistance? EAA has scholarship programs beyond the Ray. Learn more here.


The audit for 2019 has been published on the chapter web site. You'll find it in the Members section.


The new chapter web site is up. It's nothing fancy, and most of the content was simply copied from the previous site. The old site had been provided as a service from National, with our chapter providing the content. National has switched to hosting such sites on their own servers, but this new service will not display more than one hundred files created for the old site. This lead me to seek out our own hosting service.

While the transfer went smoothly enough, there are a few problems to address in the coming month. Right now, www.eaa563.org will take you to the stub site for our chapter on the new EAA servers; use instead eaa563.org (no leading www). I have a hunch as to why this is so, and in trying to fix it, there may be a few hiccups in service. If you can't get to the site any time in the coming weeks, just try again a day or two later.

I have tried to improve the presentation on phone sized screens for the site's principle pages. I'm using current web programming standards for this, but some older phones may not render this well. The older files such as newsletters and meeting minutes have not been converted, but should remain legible on a phone. Future newsletters I may prepare in the new format. Please let me know if you have trouble viewing any pages.

The "Members" section of the new site is password protected, and the log-in is the same as on the previous site. Contact me if you've forgotten it, or you can find it on the bulletin board in the hangar. In the Members section are the meeting minutes, chapter bylaws, and audit reports as well as the membership Directory with contact information.

Lastly, the Projects page is getting a bit dated. If any builders have photos of their airplane projects, do send one along so I can add it.


Welcome new member Drew Vice. When asked by e-mail why he has joined, replied:

I fly out of 3MY currently. I would love to build a CH750 one day, but just being around the other pilots and sharing knowledge is probably one of my biggest reasons. I just earned my private in February. Iíve been meaning to join the local chapter since August when I joined the national.

Tim Threw has been busy with a new avionics panel in his RV-7. His back is surely better than mine, for I know I wouldn't be able to take all the time he's been on his back in the fuselage with his head under the wiring maze on the back of his panel:

Where's Tim?
(Tim's face is in there.)

Ron Wright's latest project is single seat high wing powered by a Rotax 2-stroke motor. He acquired this from an estate whose owners had damaged fabric on one wing and along both fuselage sides. He's been busy patching that up using the Stewart fabric system, giving me instruction along the way. Thank you, Ron.

Ron's fabric work.

Editor: Karl Kleimenhagen