Illinois Valley Beacon

March 2015

Note: this is a transcribed and abridged version of the original found on the old chapter web site. Peoria Airport Authority Board Meeting, 25 February 2015 Gene Olson stated that he is trying to put together a 5 airport poker flight to coincide with a spring open house possible late April-May. Mt Hawley Fuel Tanks are drawn up (designed) and out for bid. When PIA accepts the tank bid around April 1, there will be 12-14 week from order to delivery. Site work will start April-May with a June tank delivery. January flights, passengers and freight are at a January high. The new tower is still being negotiated for construction. The International Terminal is on tract but being delayed by cold weather. Speaking of weather, we will see an increase of activity as soon as the weather gets better here too. Bob at the FBO counter has “Fly Mt Hawley” and “Fly 3MY” Tee Shirts, Sweat Shirts and Hooded Sweat Shirts for sale. Stop in and get yours today. Greg LePine Treasurer's Report, January 2015 At the January membership meeting the Chapter 563 budget was presented. The budget for this year is optimistic and obtainable. The budget is intended to be a guide for spending and a goal for income. It is balanced if the goals are attained. It requires an effort from all of us to be active members and promote Chapter activities. This year the Chapter has once more funded our Chapter 563 Scholarship for Lincoln Land Community College. The check for $1000 will be applied to the Fall 2015 / Spring 2016 academic year at $500 per semester. The scholarship is awarded, by the school to a needy student taking the A & P program. A memorial of $50, in memory of Del Dexter, was sent to the Calvary Evangelical Mennonite Church in Washington, IL. Dues have received from 28 members for the year 2015. Respectfully submitted by Morrie Caudill, Treasurer