JUNE 1977

Sunday, June 12, 1977......Waddell Airport.....Manito, Il.10:00 AM
till ?????.    There will be no meeting as such.  Just come on out
and enjoy the open air and cool hade. 
Bring one Meat dish and a covered dish.  Also bring your own place
settings, chairs and whatever. Coffee, iced tea and lemonade will be
furnished by the chapter.
For those who wish to participate, there will be a Fly-away-poker
rally starting at 11:OO AM.  Entry fee will be 50¢ per player and
all persons onboard an aircraft may play.
The idea is to fly out of Waddell to four other airports where there
will be a deck of playing cards from which a single card will be
drawn per player.  After everyone playing has visited each of the
four airports, they will return to Waddell Airport and draw their
fifth card.  Best poker hand will win a small cash prize.  In case
of a tie, a sixth card will be drawn.
Airports to be visited are; Scherer (Roanoke), Marshall County
(Lacon), Mt. Hawley and Ingersoll (Canton).  The total trip will
cover 122 air miles.
Because of the high cost of insurance, there will be no spot landing
or flour bombing contests.
Rain date will be Sunday, June 19, 1977.

Everyone enjoyed the movies and presentation given by Emanuel
"Smitty" Smith at last month's meeting.  Smitty took everyone to
Alaska, Baja and Mississippi.  And all in a Cessna 150.  He is
currently preparing for another trip to Alaska, but this time in
a Cessna 17O.
We also saw movies of Ray Hesselgrave's Bakeng Duce taken shortly
after its first flight.  Ray has over half of his fifty hours
flown off at this time.  We are in hopes that he will be able to
make the trip to Oshkosh in it.

Our Chapter Logo patches were shown and offered for sale to the
members at the last meeting.  They will be available at the picnic
or you may call Ken Rhoads (699-2039) or Guy Snyder (697-0438).
Price is $2.50 each.

Our chapter project and flying aircraft display board is in the
process of being updated so that we can take it to Oshkosh to be
displayed in the chapter tent.  If you have a current picture of
your project or flying aircraft that we can put on the board,
please bring it to the picnic or the July meeting.  I will be
trying to get around to the various projects and take a picture
also, and there are many.

Chapter dues are due ....If you do not have a typed address label
on this news letter, your dues for 1977 have not been received as
of this printing.  Please check and take the appropriate action.
Send your dues to Ozzie Beckham, 1032 Brentwood Rd., Morton, Il
Zip 61550.  Support your Chapter and Sport aviation.

                                   - 2 -

On Saturday, June 4, 1977, Scott Urish, Manager of Waddell Airport, was critically
injured when the J-3 Cub he was flying crashed near that Airport .  At this writ-
ing he is listed as being in serious condition in the intensive care unit of St.
Francis Hospital, Peoria, Il.  He is unofficially reported to be suffering from
head injuries and a broken left foot.
We would be remiss as a newsletter editor and, moreover, as a personal aquaint-
ance of Scott's if we did not make mention of his plight at this time.  Scott
has always been receptive to Chapter 563 and we have appreciated the cordiality
expressed in our dealings with him and Waddell Airport.  I beseech the membership
of Chapter 563 to take a moment from their daily lives and include in their thoughts
the best wishes for a speedy recovery for this young man.

Dr. F. A. Torrey will be available for flight physicals, by appointment, On Tues.
evening, 14 June 1977, and on Wednesday, afternoon and evening, 15 June 1977.
Appointments may be made by calling 346-9712 or 348-3692.  Fee is $25.00.

July 2   Anderson, Ind. Chapter 226 Fly-in Breakfast, Seymour, Ind.
July 4   Monmouth Chapter 350 Fly-in Breakfast, Monmouth Airport.
July 13  Wednesday..Chapter 563 meeting at Greater Peoria Airport's Hanna City Tees
July 16,17  Fly-in Breakfast and Airshow, Lewis-Lockport Airport
July 30-Aug 6 The greatest spectacle in Sport aviation...Oshkosh '77

Al Lurie, 605 E. Armstrong, Peoria, Il 61603 Ph. 682-1674, has the following items
for sale;
Piper Cub J-3, J-2 wheels only, several sets, no brakes
Cessna 140 seat cusions. $25.00
Cessna 140 right door. $20.00
Cessna 140 gear legs, axles, brakes (discs poor or gone) wheels, master cylinders,
           swivel tail wheel, tail spring. $250.00
Set of Aeronca L-3 wings (need rebuild due to cardboard gussets on ribs) spars and
           hardware OK. Set of steel lift struts for above wings.  might be good
           for a breezy. $175.00
Wind damaged 1946 Aeronca 7AC. Rebuildable or for parts.  Wings bad.  Complete
           airframe with or without engine. Best offer
Beech-Roby controlable prop. Complete.  One blade should be replaced. For 7AC
           etc. $95.OO
O-29OG Lycoming main case.  O-29OG sump.  O-290 crankshaft. $110.OO
Lycoming O-145 65 HP engine for parts.  Has badly scored cylinder wall.  Missing
           two heads, two intake pipes, one piston and pin.  Has carb and engine
           mount for Piper.
Franklin 90 HP engine.  Cylinders worn beyond standard limits.  Missing one piston
           and pin.  No carb or mags.
Kinner R540-1  5 cylinder radial.  Runout.  With mags and carb.
Continental R-670 11A  7 cylinder radial.  With mags and carb.  engine stand Navy
           overhaul, plus most of 2ed engine for parts.
Lycoming R-680-13 with manual  9 cylinder radial.  Runout.  On military workstand.
           With carb, 24 volt starter, plus 2ed engine for parts and Stinson
           motor mount. (not tank engines)
Ranger  L-440-1 complete with mags, carb.  On front-to-back rotatable stand with
           retractable caster wheels.  Plus spare engine for parts. With Manual
Several A-65 cylinders.  Set of 4 A-50 With up exhaust.  Worn beyond limits.
           Best offer